The Shine Brush – Unique brush with wild boar hair

The Shine Brush – Unique brush with wild boar hair

HH Simonsen The Shine Brush is a fantastic hairbrush that brings together the best of both worlds. The brush is a combination of IntelliFlexTM with SofTips, which is known from HH Simonsen’s The Wet Brush, and 100% Mongolian wild boar hair.

The Shine Brush is only used in dry hair to give shine, and distribute the scalp sebum into lengths and tips. The brush is built on the unique combination of selected uncut and unbleached hair from Mongolian wild boars which helps to stimulate the blood vessels in the scalp and the award-winning Intelliflex brushes. Intelliflex is the design of the brush spikes, where the first row bends, the next row bends a little less, etc. This gives a gentle hairstyle so that the hairs do not break.

With this hairbrush you get a quick and painless haircut.

Du kan købe børsten i salonen for 199 kr.

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